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As an AMST resident, you benefit from a communal roof terrace. This is where you meet all your neighbours and light up the BBQ in summer. AMST is located next to Amstel Station and behind Frankendael Park. Amsterdam Oost is a lively neighbourhood near waterways and renowned restaurants, meeting places and cafés. There is always something to do in and around Amsterdam, which makes it the perfect location for the true city lover.

Every day starts an adventure and you go to sleep with a new memory. Amsterdam is a lively city where everything can be done by bike. Which is the sustainable way to go…and it saves costs. In addition, the infrastructure in Amsterdam is excellent. Get on the train and travel to another place easily and comfortably. By bus or tram, which stops right outside the door, you’ll be in the historic centre of Amsterdam in no time. Enthusiastic about AMST? Read below which housing types there are and find your ideal urban lifestyle home.

The floor plans and descriptions shown are to clarify the residential product, no rights can be derived from them.

Available apartments

Would you like to live in AMST? Check the available apartments and who knows, you might soon be living in this lovely place in the heart of Amsterdam.


Ranging from approximately 40 – 50 m²

Subtype Studio L: S2, S2.s, S2v, S2vs
Subtype Studio M: S5, S5.s, S5.v, S5vs
Subtype Studio S: S1, S1.s, S3, S3.s, S4, S4.s

Choose your own ideal urban living studio from the 182 studios in AMST. The studios range from approx. 40 m² to approx. 50 m². In these studios you live affordably and in a prime location in our beautiful capital. A clever layout gives you the feel of a two-bedroom flats. The studios are therefore perfect for singles or young couples. Walk into a comfortable sleeping area separated from the living room by a nicely finished kitchen and separate bathroom. The bathroom is equipped with a sink and shower. The sleeping area can easily accommodate a double bed and a wardrobe. The living room is bathed in light through the large windows and has excellent views of the bustling city.

Please note: these studios come in both the mid-market sector and the private sector. The private sector flats feature a finished cooking area by Bruynzeel Keukens with Bosch appliances. This includes a built-in dishwasher, induction hob, oven, recirculation hood and fridge+freezer combo. PVC flooring with oak look is also laid in these homes. The walls are finished. The homes in the mid-market sector have a kitchen by Bruynzeel Keukens with Etna appliances. These kitchens are not delivered with an oven and dishwasher. You will have to lay the floors and paint the walls yourself.

2 room flats

Ranging from around 66 – 84 m²

Subtype: W12v, W12vs, W14, W14v, W15v, W15vs, W16v, W16vs

Discover the urban living feeling in your own “Mokum palace”. Young couples or singles can create a delightful palace in this spacious two-bedroom flat in AMST. These flats range from approx. 66 m² to approx. 84 m². In the bedroom, you can easily fit a large bed and have enough space for wardrobes. The living room is blessed with plenty of light and views over Amsterdam’s streets. Create a luxurious sitting area with a separate dining area by the kitchen and start enjoying it! All homes feature a finished kitchen by Bruynzeel Keukens with Bosch appliances. The kitchen is equipped with an oven, hob, recirculation hood, fridge + freezer and dishwasher. The homes are ready for immediate living with oak-look PVC flooring and painted walls. An outdoor space comes in the form of a loggia: here you can sit comfortably through the canopy every season. With some nice plants and flower pots, you will have organised your own green paradise in no time with insane views of lively Amsterdam.

3 room flats

Approximately 109 m²

Subtype: W11v

This unique AMST flat has two separate bedrooms. That makes this type of flat suitable for couples in need of an extra hobby, work, or guest room. Of course, small families will also find a perfect home here. With this type of home – area of approx. 109 m² – you really have a dream home, close to Amstel Station and many famous places in the capital. The spacious living room ensures flexibility in furnishing with enough room for a large sitting area and spacious dining area. Thereby, even on cloudy days, you will enjoy more than enough light through the large windows.

Thanks to the finished and open kitchen by Bruynzeel Keukens, you always keep in touch with your guests in the living room. The master bedroom can easily accommodate a spacious double bed and a large wardrobe. The small room has room for a desk and storage cupboard for home working or you can turn this room into an extra family member or guest bedroom. There is also a storage room in the flat that you can use as a utility room, laundry room or junk room. The bathroom can easily be completed with a washbasin cabinet and a cabinet for all your shower gear. The bathroom comes with a shower and sink to give you a fresh start every day. Open the doors of your loggia to the Dutch outdoors. With a loggia, you are always nice and dry and you can toast to the beautiful views of Amsterdam every evening. The flat is completely ready to live in with PVC flooring and wall finishes.

4 room flats

Ranging from approx. 102 – 156 m²

Subtype: W1, W3, W3.s, W6, W6.s, W10, W10.s

Would you like to enjoy real city life with your family? You can do so at top level with these affordable mid-rent flats and a sea of space. These flats come with floor areas from approx. 102 m² to approx. 156 m². This allows you to really call yourself a resident of a ‘Mokum palace’.

Each flat has a fine layout that offers plenty of space for a luxurious sitting area and separate dining area. You will also enjoy plenty of light through the large windows overlooking bustling Amsterdam East. Create your own green paradise on your loggia, a place perfectly resistant to the Dutch weather. Feel like a true kitchen prince(es) in your own finished Bruynzeel Keukens cooking space with Etna appliances. The kitchen comes complete with fridge+freezer, hob and recirculation hood. Furthermore, you have all the space you need here for a microwave or combi oven.

From the living room, you can reach the 3 bedrooms. Great spaces for the kids or an extra guest room, hobby room or study. The master bedroom is a sleeping paradise that easily fits a large double bed and several closets. In the extra storage room you can store all the things you don’t need so often. The bathroom has two sinks and a spacious shower. There is also room for an extra washbasin or bathroom cabinet here.

5 room flats

Approximately 134 – 140 m²

Subtype: W2

The king/queen of AMST, that’s how you feel in these flats. This flat is the definition of spacious and large living in a prime location. These unique flats start at approx. 134 m² and go up to approx. 140 m². In addition, these ‘Mokum palaces’ have not 3, but 4 bedrooms! Ideal for large families who love the city cosiness.

Benefit from a spacious living room with room for a generous seating area. The open-plan kitchen is like the beating heart of the living room that perfectly matches a beautiful dining area. Enjoy a fully finished Bruynzeel Keukens cooking space with Etna appliances. The kitchen includes fridge+freezer, hob and recirculation hood. Furthermore, you have all the space you need here for a microwave or combi oven.

On your own loggia, create a green paradise where you can retreat into the open air. Organise your bedrooms as children’s, hobby, guest or study rooms. These days hybrid working is all the rage, with a lockable workspace you’ll be in the right concentration mode in no time. All 5-room flats fall in the mid market sector. That means affordable living in the most beautiful part of Amsterdam.


Ranging from approximately 100 – 217 m²

Subtype: W8, W8.s, W9, W9s, Th1, Th1.1, Th1.1.s, Th1.S, Th2, Th2.s, Th3, Th3.s, Th4, Th5, Th6

An urban living experience at its best! These exclusive townhouses come in sizes of approx. 100 m² up to approx. 217 m². This 3-storey house is a generous addition to the Amsterdam rental housing offer. You enter a large flexible space where you create an extra living, play, relax, work room as you see fit. The kids can build tents in this space, but maybe you can play a game of football there yourself.

The location of the open kitchen varies per type. Would you prefer it on the ground floor? Or would you rather walk up the stairs to the first floor? Either way, the open kitchen means you always keep in touch with your family or visitors. The kitchen is by Bruynzeel Keukens and equipped with Etna appliances. Slice your vegetables on a vast, beautiful black kitchen worktop and prepare delectable meals on the hob with a recirculation hood. The kitchen also includes a fridge and freezer. Looking out of the window, you will enjoy views over lively Amsterdam.

In the townhouses, you have 3 or 4 extra bedrooms. That makes this house ideal for large families. Because of the different floors, you experience extra privacy for the whole family. A large family also automatically means a lot of stuff and the storage room is ideal for that. Some types have two bathrooms, but every house has a spacious bathroom with two sinks. After a long day, stand in a spacious, comfortable shower and wash all the stress off your shoulders. What a luxurious life in this beautiful ‘Mokum palace’.

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