With just a little patience you will soon live in AMST

Just a little while and you can have a ‘bakkie’ in your own Mokums Paradise!

Bakkie? Mokum? As a future resident of Amsterdam, you also want to master the Amsterdam Dialect. This way you will soon be completely absorbed in the Amsterdam crowd.

Let me give you a crash course. Read some typical Amsterdam sayings in this blog. Try to say the words out loud. I guarantee you will giggle immediately.

A ‘bakkie’ or ‘gemeentepils’?
Let’s start with bakkie. That simply means drinking a cup of coffee. Would you rather go for a glass of water? Then you’re drinking a gemeentepils. The word gemeentepils originated when water pipes were laid and consumers finally got water from the tap. In the past they mainly drank beer in Amsterdam because it was the safest to drink. Even the kids drank beer! When tap water finally arrived it was jokingly called gemeentepils.

This word is Yiddish and means place or city. This word was brought to life through Jewish influence and is now synonymous with Amsterdam.

You will often come across this word in the capital. Few people know what it means except for the originals. And now you know too.

Ik heb er tabak van!
When the real Amsterdammer is completely done with it you’ll hear this statement.

It means that he doesn’t feel like it anymore. In the past the word tabak (tobacco) was mainly used in a positive sentence. Eventually it got used in an ironic way to indicate something negative.

Dat geef ik je op een brieffie
Are you already 100% sure that you want to live in AMST? Then you say: Yes, sure! Dat geef ik je op een brieffie! The phrase means there is no doubt about it. I can’t say for sure where it comes from. In the past, when you gave someone a note with an announcement it was a promise, an assurance.

Psst… This is how far AMST is
We didn’t work on building AMST during the Christmas holidays. Now everything is fully in construction again! In week 5 the cables and pipelines will probably be installed.

This is followed by the paving and planting around the buildings. As expected end of april.

Do you want to experience the typical Amsterdam city life from the inside? Register for the apartments in AMST!

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