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Living the urban lifestyle

252 rental flats directly opposite Amsterdam Amstel Station

All apartments provisionally assigned. Register as a reserve candidate.

Renting a flat in the AMST

Opposite Amstel Station, 198 mid-market rentals and 54 private-sector rentals are slated for construction in this unique location in the city.

Come live in the AMST and experience the real Amsterdam. The building’s within walking distance of the Amstel River, and the vibrant centre of our country’s most beautiful city is just around the corner. Living in the AMST is an absolute privilege. It’s a unique opportunity to combine an urban lifestyle with a wonderful flat where you’ll feel at home in no time.

March 2023

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Start rental

Summer 2023

Completion of first phase apartments

Planning for 2023

Affordable rentals

for middle-income earners

For a city like Amsterdam, the middle class is essential to keeping the capital liveable. That’s why AMST has chosen to let mid-market rentals. The priority rules that apply to this sector concern families, lower middle-income earners and people leaving social housing in the region. There are conditions attached to renting flats like this. For more information, see the FAQ’s on this website.

The mid-market sector contains housing with rental prices ranging from approx. €1,004.98 to €1,174.97. Of the 198 flats available in the mid-market sector, 152 are approx. 42 m²: the ideal size for starters, singles or couples. The remaining 46 flats, offering up to 140 m², are excellent for families with children.

Private sector

rental flats

Private-sector flats, at a minimum rent for € 1,298.00 a month and are available for all income levels.

My Mokum

The AMST is Amsterdam. Embrace the city’s urban dynamism and the proximity of the water with the Amstel River, as well as immerse yourself fully in Amsterdam’s celebrated social scene. In the AMST, you’ll live in and surely enjoy the heart of the greater Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. You’ll be part of the Amsterdam’s urban life and close to everything that makes the city so charming.

A fantastic roof garden with space for chilling out, enjoying nice weather and meeting your neighbours.

The building

The AMST symbolises the Amsterdam citizen: proud, tough and confident on the outside; yet sensitive on the inside, with a big heart. A building that perfectly matches the city — modern, self-aware and sustainable.

The original inspiration for the AMST was the Amstel Station just across the street. The AMST’s alternating concrete, glass and wood give the building a modern look that’s not out of place against the backdrop of the historic station. Tranquillity reigns in the building’s interior thanks to ample greenery as well as the wooden verandas and façades. The flats, which feature wooden interior façades, surround a courtyard with communal facilities. The building also has a public car park and spacious bicycle storage for your two-wheeler you can’t do without when living in Amsterdam.

1 to 4 room

Private-sector and mid-market rentals

‘Mid market housing from approx. 42 m²

Private sector housing from approx. 42 m²

Forcasted completion July/August 2023

All the daily necessities right outside your door

Public transport across the street

Parks and nature within walking distance

Right in the heart of the Amsterdam Amstel area

Cosy cafés and restaurants in the immediate vicinity

Live sustainably in the AMST

Sustainable living is hot. Not literally, fortunately, because that’s precisely what we’re trying to combat. For example, through the ergonomic use of water and energy. One of the main motivations for the building is to become water neutral. This means that the on-site rainwater will be retained and reused. The communal areas, such as the gardens, courtyards and roofs, will function as one large water storage and reuse system. Capturing water also helps reduce heat stress, making it nice and cool to live in the AMST.

Location and accessibility

Train, metro and bus stations — right on your doorstep… Check! Within 5 minutes by car on the A10 motorway… Check! Within 10 minutes’ cycling of Amsterdam’s Albert Cuyp Market… Check! Brown pubs, cafés and restaurants all within walking distance… Check! The enchanting Somerlust Park on the Amstel River around the corner… Check!

You’ll be sure to benefit from the AMST’s excellent location. Step outside your door and explore Amsterdam by foot, bicycle or public transport. Few places can match this amazing location. Looking to leave the city behind? We don’t know why you would, but this too is a snap.

The AMST is in a very convenient location that’s in full development. This area not only has numerous hot-spots for leisure, entertainment and restaurants, but it also has good schools. There’s also a park within walking distance, so you always have the opportunity to go for a walk or join a running team! Several football and hockey clubs are within easy reach, so you’ll never be bored when it comes to sports.

→ Haarlem 30 min 40 min
→ Rotterdam 50 min 55 min
→ Den Haag 40 min 60 min
→ Utrecht 20 min 20 min
→ Almere 15 min 30 min
→ Schiphol 15 min 25 min

Comfortable living

The AMST offers the optimal combination of comfortable, modern as well as conscious and sustainable living with the convenience and pleasure of a vibrant and urban lifestyle. The building is primarily constructed with concrete, wood and glass. While the inner courtyards will be an oasis of tranquillity with ample greenery and wooden verandas and façades, the building exteriors will offer a unified, elegant, urban, powerful and proud appearance befitting a metropolis like Amsterdam.